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Abbie & Nic

I may never find words beautiful enough to describe all that you mean to me, but I will spend the rest of my life searching for them.

What an adventure this one was. Abbie and Nic wed on their property in between Coonable and Coonabarabran. This is the weekend the heavens opened and blessed this wedding in a big way. Though i think maybe Abbie jinxed the wedding because 0n our site visit she stated that going back through the history of the property it had never rained this particular weekend, boy did the heavens prove her wrong. The trip in we got bogged numerous times slid sideways into ditches through the slippery mud, and covered the ute and trailor with a coating of inch thick sticky mud.

But none of this would stop this show from happening!!

Abbies breif was PINK......... PINK PINK PINK with a touch of other bright colours.and lots of flowers everywhere. I personally think we nailed it!!

Becasue of all the rain we decided to hold the ceremony in the old shearing shed which worked out perfectly. Its was super intimate. We lined the entry with a 4m thick greenery installation which lead your eyes down to the stalls where Abbie and Nic said their I do's in front of a lush flower install.

Thankfully the heavens decided that was enough rain for the weekend so the guests got to enjoy cocktail hour in the stunning gardens of the house grounds while the bridal party were having photos.

The reception was held in a clear marquee on the tennis courts ( hot tip for brides wanting a clear marquee in summer, they get bloody hot and i mean bloody hot and that in turn will destroy your flowers and make your guests unhappy and make you look like a hot mess) three long tables lined the marquee for the guests with beautiful bold florals down the tables, and a huge 8m canopy of greenery lined the centre of the marquee which opened up to the most amazing brodal table ever. I love played with textures and heights and thiks baby was a feast for the eyes.

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